Thursday, August 9, 2012

LifeProof iPhone and iPad Cases Review

What is so LifeProof about an iPhone case?

With the menagerie of iPhone cases on the market, the need to weed out the pretenders can lead to an extensive Google search that can leave you cross-eyed. Well search no more, LifeProof has designed and engineered cases that are dirt proof, waterproof, snow proof, and shock proof.

Last week at the US based Outdoor Retailer, I tested the durability of the LifeProof iPhone case. At the prompting of the gentleman working the booth, I spiked his LifeProof laden iPhone on the concrete floor, and after a nifty bounce I picked it up with absolutely no sign of damage to the iPhone and the LifeProof case was also in perfect shape.

After doing some digging on the web, I found some great user videos that illustrate the IP-68 waterproof standards -- the highest International Protection rating -- that the LifeProof case exhibits. At the Outdoor Retailer show they had both iPads and iPhones submerged in a tank of water with their displays fully illuminated to show that they were working without a glitch.

In this video a user freedives about 10 feet in the ocean with his iPhone shooting video. Although the LifeProof case is tested to 10 feet, LifeProof recommends staying above 6.6 feet or 2 meters.

As an avid outdoorsmen that puts all my gear through extensive abuse while hiking, skiing, kayaking, and the ever-popular getting out of my car while my iPhone is on my lap, I appreciate the no-nonsense approach that LifeProof as a company displays and the levels of protection that they spell out for you on their website. Further, I find that popular cases like the Otterbox can be obtrusively large and bulky in a pocket, whereas the LifeProof case is surprisingly low profile. 

Although, LifeProof cases start at around $79 or £59.99 for all my UK readers, the functionality in my eyes far exceeds the price. Not only are you getting a bomber case for your most prized electronic possessions, but adding the cost of a LifeProof case from the time you buy your iPhone or iPad until you decide to sell it and trade up will increase the resell value considerably. An unmarked and unscratched used iPhone will garner at least that much more extra cash when you go to resell it. Plus adding a LifeProof case with your sale only makes your ebay listing all the more desirable, which will ultimately make your LifeProof investment back and possibly even a little more. 

I'm not saying you will make money on this device, but take a look for yourself on the web and see how much an iPhone with  sells and one that has rattled around a purse for a year. The difference to me looks considerable.

The best online web store that I found for not only LifeProof cases, but for tons of their accessories is OUTDOORGB.COM for all my UK readers. Armbands, mounts, covers, and cases can all be found on this site. 

If you want a little more information on LifeProof's technologies and products, visit their website at Worried about your iPhone sinking, they also have a new LifeProof LifeJacket that works seamlessly with your LifeProof case.


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