Friday, May 13, 2011

Easton Mountain Products Tent Reviews - Kilo and Hat Trick

Easton Mountain Products New Line of Innovative Tents

Here is a truly amazing line of tents from the technical innovators at Easton Mountain Products. Tested since 2005 in the most extreme conditions known to man and beast. These tent technologies have been to Everest and back, and are now available for public consumption.
Easton’s new line of tents is riddled with impressive technology making your trip lighter and brighter. From the durable, lightweight Carbon Ion poles to the patent-pending Airlock connectors, Easton really has something here. This is a true revolution for the tent industry, and you can be assured that competitors will be looking to catch up with this technology for years to come.

Read on as I review the Easton Kilo Tent and the Easton Hat Trick Tent.

First a Little Background into Easton’s Carbon Ion Pole Innovation . . .
What is so great about carbon fiber poles? 
According to Easton’s website, “Carbon poles have a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than even the finest aluminum poles. Years of composite engineering expertise makes Easton carbon the strongest, lightest weight tent support systems in the world.”
Furthermore, I would also make the comparison of aluminum kayak paddles to carbon-shafted paddles. Carbon is always nice to the touch, whereas aluminum is most always cold, not to mention the weight differential between the two. Both have flex to give, but I’ve snapped quite a few aluminum paddles on cold autumn mornings, and I’ve snapped a couple carbon paddles also. So, do the lightweight pros of carbon fiber sacrifice strength and durability?
Does this mean carbon fiber poles are more brittle? 
According to Easton’s website, “No, not the way Easton makes them. Our (Easton’s) carbon poles have been tested since 2005 in extreme conditions including Everest, K2 and other peaks. With reasonable care, Easton carbon poles will outlast aluminum poles.” 
I would also assume that with carbon in comparison to aluminum, poles are less likely to lose the integrity of their shape and are less likely to break in colder temps. I guess I would compare aluminum bike frames to steel, or composite frames. Aluminum is susceptible to nicks, which will jeopardize the actual strength of the frame over time, whereas steel, or composite frames not only absorb shock better, but also take punishing nicks and dents in stride and do not necessarily affect the actual integrity, or rigidness of the frames, especially when nicks occur at the butted ends, or welded conjoining tubes.
Easton Kilo Tent

Kilo w/ Rain Fly
The ultimate in ultra-light tent technology. Weighing less than one kilogram, Kilo packs the most advanced materials and technologies into an ultra-light freestanding shelter. The all-new Carbon ION poles are made from high-modulus composites and feature revolutionary AirLock™ connectors. The advanced Easton support structure changes almost everything you knew about tent poles. Patent-pending AirLock™ connectors maximize the performance of the carbon poles and eliminate the need for heavier, full-length shock cord. Get the lightweight advantage without sacrificing performance and protection with the Easton ultra-light Kilo tent. This is the lightest 2 man tent on the market. Backpackers everywhere will be psyched to put this tent in their repertoire.

Kilo Tent Product Features:

     Three season
     High-capacity, Two Person
     Ultra-light 2.25 lbs / 1 kg trail weight
     USA-built Easton Carbon ION pole system with AirLock connectors.
     Easton WindLock™ pole stabilizer
     Two-pole free-standing design
     Multiple guy-points & guy lines
     9 Easton Nano 7075 aircraft aluminum tent stakes (length 6", weight 7g)
Kilo no Rain Fly

Easton Hat Trick Tent

Hat Trick No Rain Fly
Hat-Trick combines lightweight, packable features with comfortable living space for state-of-the-art versatility. Rated for all-season use, the three-pole design delivers unparalleled stability with ample space for three. The advanced Easton Carbon EVO™ frame utilizes the revolutionary AirLock™ connectors to pioneer new levels of lightweight performance. Color-coded poles match Pole Pilot™ sleeves and the rain fly can remain attached for easier set up in challenging conditions. Hat-Trick offers a low weight-to-space ratio while still offering the long-lasting durability of PU5000mm floor and 1500mm fly.

Hat-Trick Tent Product Features

     All four season.
     High-capacity, Three person.
     Lightweight versitility, 5lbs 5oz pack weight.
     USA-built Easton Carbon EVO pole system with AirLock connectors.
     Easton PolePilot™ pole sleaves for easy set-up
     Fly can remain attached for easy set-up
     Internal gear pockets
     Reflective door opening
     Three-pole design
     Multiple guy-points & guy lines
     12 Easton Nano 7075 aircraft aluminum tent stakes (length 6", weight 7g)
     Integrated pole compression stuff sack
Hat Trick w/ Rain Fly

***Tune in later as I review in more depth the innovations and technology of Easton Mountain Products and their  Easton Xi2™ Expedition Tent and Easton Si2™ Mountain Tentas well as their new line of snowshoes and trekking poles.***

Note: Technical information and specifications provided are property of Easton Mountain Products. This review is only used to educate consumers on the innovations and technologies that Easton has produced. No monetary value in the form of compensation, online, or print editorials, employment, or the like has been exchanged for this review. So, pretty much this is for fun and I don't make any money on this stuff. This is just a great product that I wanted to learn more about, and hope others will appreciate.


  1. Really looking forward to the review.
    Hope you can post a clearer picture of the interior size than Easton.


  2. I should have samples by the end of this week. I will tell you that the Kilo comes in 1, 2, and 3 man sizes this year and the Hat Trick comes in 2 and 3 man sizes. They look really nice.

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